Vinaigrette company provide fresh produce from Ukraine around the world.

Who we are

5000 hectares

Our farmers grow    their products on more than 5000 hectares territory. This ammount grows year to year on 5-10%

1000 Clients

Our products tasted more than 1000 clients around the world: UK, Holland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Malaisia, UAE, etc.

250 000  tons

Annually we produce around 250 thousands tons of fresh produce which goes to Export, Internal market, Processing, social needs.


Global GAP - Our key to healthy agriculture

All our ptoducts controlled on each process from planting seeds for transportation to the clients

Cold Chain Supply


CA and Smartfresh Storages


Packing and sorting in fridge packhouse


Only refrigerated transport


equipment for temperature control while driving

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Vinaigrette Ltd

Ukraine, Kiev, Chernigivska str.51

Reg number 41389248

VAT number 413892426535



Tel.:   380-99-9100251

Mob.: 380-96-3018802